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What others have to say about Half-Three in Galway...

"You've got the gift of fluidity... by that I mean there's a rhythm that picks the reader up and carries her... pretty steady, like a long conversation...One thing f'sure is it's a page turner, a what's-next."  Ray Howe, Publisher, Lone Oak Press

"I couldn't put it down! It was just wonderful! What a great story and I just loved visiting Ireland! Where are you going next to get you next story? Can I go along?"  Lora Blank

"As a lover of words, I'm in awe of your ability to find just the right ones to express thoughts and feelings. Having been to many of the places mentioned in your book, it was especially fun to re-experience those
settings."  Dottie Engan-Barker, Program Evaluator

"I love Maggie so much, I wish there were several more chapters."  Fran Robb, Educator and Writer