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High Tech and High Theft

Are they all really invented in Silicon Valley?

Rochester, Minnesota - We live in an age of high technology.  High technology exists today as an integral part of everyday life.  The case in point:  Today's average home PC has more computing power than all the computers in the world combined 25 years ago.  We can buy a PC like this anytime.  But have we ever thought about where all these technologies come from?

Author Suzanne Riley explores the real story behind the high-tech everyday gadgets we feel like replacing almost as soon as we buy them.  In Half-Three in Galway, Riley takes us not to Silicon Valley, but to Ireland, where an invention becomes the center of a struggle between powerful groups as well as the romance that ensues between two strangers.

Half-Three in Galway is ideally set amidst the political tension that has existed in Ireland for centuries.  Suzanne Riley does not talk about the war fought with guns and bullets, but the unobvious war over technology that could ultimately alter the economic landscape of a country, and even the world.  In Half-Three in Galway, inconspicuous British and Irish forces work to outsmart and be ahead of one another.  In an interesting turn, two Americans are put right in the middle of things, where their actions have significant consequences on the future of Ireland and their lives.

Suzanne Riley offers a well-written novel that captures the beauty of Ireland as well as the intricacies of love.  While in Ireland, Americans Thomas and Maggie meet and develop a deep friendship through online chat rooms.  But their love is not a walk on the clouds.  Maggie still has to get over the pain of a past relationship.  And as they begin to overcome the obstacles of their relationship, certain events concerning the invention begin to take them apart.

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