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The wedding and travels west...

Matthew and Sarah Riley on their wedding day.

The view from the top of the tower was spectacular.  The wind snapped around them, stinging their eyes, forcing them to clutch their jackets closed.  The magnificent power of the blackish sea swelling and cresting, then crashing white waves high over the rocks held them spellbound.


Soon they had left Renvyle far behind and followed the winding road across a sweeping landscape of golden brown and auburn rolling plains and crystallized lakes cupped between the snowcapped Connemara Mountains, around windswept beaches and bluffs, past resort areas buttoned up against an unusually cold winter day.



Everywhere sheep wandered in flocks occasionally infiltrated by black rams, whose wool was as dark as the peat mounds in the bogs flanking their rock-strewn meadows. 

And on to the place where Maggie and Thomas meet...

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