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From the Southeast to the Midlands...

The ruins are set between Upper and Lower Glendalough (“lowland between the lakes”), in a valley couched between mountains where the mist clings to the rocks and trees and the fog rolls over the peaks like tumbleweed.  It’s isolated, ethereal, and inspires a quiet awe in its beauty. 


You can stroll the beach by the Irish Sea, where the wind rearranges the topography of the high dunes by the minute and the stubborn whiskers of seagrass refuse to let the harsh winds lay them permanently flat.


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"...while he strolled across the courtyard at Trinity with the Professor, he felt a certain sense that she was thinking about him at that moment; and indeed she was, wondering what size he wore as she selected Christmas gifts of sweaters at Blarney Woolen Mills and walked back with Eamon across the River Liffey through throngs of shoppers for a late lunch at Bewley’s on Grafton Street.


Richard gets a "Dublin cut".


A thick, cottony blanket of snow covered the ground, and the trees were heavily laden with a crystal frost that glistened in the morning sun.


Paddy and June Greenan, our hosts at the Stag Hall Inn B & B, a few miles from Belturbet, County Cavan.

And for more glimpses of this mystical land, turn to Page 4 of our Irish album.

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