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Leg 2 of our photographic tour...


We woke to yet another day of sunshine and soft Irish air, but this time out in the countryside, with cows grazing in the meadow nearby and the dew sparkling on the hills of the farm on which our hostel sits.  This is country where the peat is  "thick as toothpaste" according to our host, John.



She watched as the truck speaker blared out cheerful Christmas tunes and Santa Claus appeared, perched on a high chair in the back of the truck, waving, tossing candy to the children, and playing a pennywhistle accompanied by a musical “elf” band.


In the afternoon they explored the county, passing through the village of Belturbet and meandering about the ruins of sixth century Drumlane Abbey with its round tower and spectacular view.

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Past Arklow you enter the Wicklow Mountains and travel past stud farms, down roads overhung with boughs of big ancient trees, flanked by meadows with sheep and neatly kept farmsteads, thatched-roof cottages, and green hills with farm boundaries marked by hedges rather than fences. 
Dr. Ian Pennton worked alone in his lab, which filled the small stone shed behind his thatched-roof cottage outside of Belturbet, not far south of the Republic-Northern Ireland border. 

(NOTE:  This is the last known thatched-roof cottage in County Cavan.)


And on to Glendalough and other mystical realms...

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