Ireland in Winter 1995
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Ireland in Winter 1995
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In December 1995 the Riley family of Richard, Suzanne, and Matthew traversed around Northern Ireland and the Republic, exploring ancient abbeys and monastic colonies, castles, and current-day farms and villages.  They were joined by Sarah Rogers, who married Matthew at Stag Hall Catholic Parish Church near Belturbet.  Join them now on a photographic tour of Ireland...


Arrival in Belfast to a warm welcome from Reggie.
Reggie and Violet were delighted to have guests during this slow time of year in Belfast and insisted on pampering the American and her camera-toting Irish sidekick with a full breakfast served traditional Irish style. 


We wandered through Nationalist West Belfast, where militant murals on building walls cry out their impassioned proclamations, and through loyalist neighborhoods, where the Union Jack flies high.  Barbed wire skirts the tops of brick walls in places, and you're reminded how fragile is peaceful coexistence.


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