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Thomas deFremond, a technology product development specialist, single, lives in Manhattan, no family living but comes from wealthy background, laid-back and caring of others, mystified about women and aggressive in technology ventures.

Maggie O'Connor, a school teacher turned documentary journalist, single, uptight with men due to unhappy experiences, modest beginnings in a big family, neatnik, adventurous, romantic.

Eamon Loftus, a political science major who questions the ideals of both sides of the Irish freedom movement, quits his job tracking potential terrorists for the government for a less dangerous, more gratifying career as a videojournalist; charming, gregarious, falls for Maggie before she opens her mouth to say "hello" when they're paired to do a documentary on Ireland.

Ian Pennton, seventy-something professor at Trinity College in Dublin, scientist and inventor, lives outside the tiny village of Belturbet.

Kathleen Pennton, Dr. Pennton’s wife, childless but motherly, totally devoted to her husband.

Paddy and Ceil Brennan, owners of Stag Hall Inn, a bed and breakfast resort in County Cavan where men go for the fishing and women go for beauty treatments.

Philip Knight, Thomas’s boss.  Cold, calculating, unscrupulous, hungry to make his mark in evolution of technology.

George Offing, Maggie’s boss at Toulouse Productions, a small video production firm.

Jane and Charlie Pratt, Maggie’s sister and nephew.

John Walker, Thomas’s British counterpart with Holmes Worldwide.

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