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Suzanne Riley explored several avenues of expression - journalism, poetry, project development, and photography - before discovering fulfillment in fiction.  Ever curious about people, places, and culture, she travels with her husband Richard when they arenít enjoying home, work, family and friends in Rochester, Minnesota.

While spending a wintry month in Ireland in 1995 with Richard and their son Matthew, Riley recorded their adventures in emails sent home to friends and family.  When Sarah Rogers joined them and married Matthew in Stag Hall Parish Church, Suzanne was inspired by their romantic surroundings. Her journal provided the impetus for Half-Three in Galway.

Born in Albert Lea, Minnesota, Riley grew up in a family of eight children.  As a child she rode horses, played make-believe games like "King of the Hill" with her brothers and sisters, and explored the countryside around Bear Lake, where her family lived during her teenage years. 

Riley has also co-authored a textbook on systems modeling and simulation for students at the high school, vocational and pre-engineering levels, called Modeling and Simulation: An Introductory Course (ISBN 1-883477-58-1).  Click here for more information about this book.

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