Half-Three in Galway
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Welcome to Riley, Ink and
Half-Three in Galway
by Suzanne Riley!

Fiction – Romance, Ireland travel, technology intrigue.

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1stBooks Library describes Half-Three in Galway as High Tech and High Theft.

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No matter how it happens that you begin to know someone, you learn most about this person when your relationship is tested.  Half-Three in Galway is a story of two people finding each other.  It's about self-discovery, coming to terms with the past, and learning to love and trust.  

Half-Three in Galway weaves together the culture of a quaint, antithetical land of two lands with the increasingly pervasive influence of technology in our lives.  It is here that the proliferation of online romances merges with Ireland’s quixotic character to kindle the friendship of Maggie O’Connor and Thomas deFremond, two Americans who become acquainted online.

Online Encounter Thomas deFremond is scouting an invention that could earn Ireland a respected position in the technology industry.  And while he’s investigating its potential, he attempts to learn more about Maggie, an elusive woman he’s met in a chance encounter online.

Travel in Ireland But journalist Maggie O’Connor has her own mission while trekking across the Green Isle:  to produce a documentary about the changing face of Ireland with videographer Eamon Loftus.

Technology Intrigue  Under the protective watch of the enigmatic, Ulster-bred Loftus, Maggie finally agrees to a rendezvous with Thomas, and the threesome unwittingly become enmeshed in an international scheme to wrest the invention from Irish control.  In the midst of their adventure, Maggie faces the nightmares of a past fraught with pain and faces the challenge of daring to love and trust again.

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